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Eleonora Gugliotta’s Ambienti project is characterized by a series of photographs of different places she delicately appropriates to create her installations and perpetuate her research. With extreme and at times liturgical caution, she makes us look at specific places of abandonment that characterize the Italian landscape. Every portion of the landscape or trace of life saturated with content is suspended, stuck, perpetuated in space to refract the sound and melody of times past. At the same time, the objects buried in the rooms are woven together and are thus brought back to life to arrest – even if for just a limited time – their fate that over time would evidently have relegated to an infamous space of memory, until they are lost. The manipulation of long, thin and flexible elements that the artist uses to suspend objects with recalls the character of a ritual and evokes one of the oldest construction techniques used by humanity. Through the technique of interlacing these elements become one, each supports the other and the whole acquires new and imaginative properties and performances. The gesture to which Eleonora refers to is not merely an expression of purpose in so far as its action implies and contains reflections on contemporary culture. (leggi di più)

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